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Well!!!! I had thought my website was closed down and had no energy to recover it. But now I find it still accessible from a network outside CN. It's banned just because... I hadn't set up the website Bei'an asked by CN gov on time. I'm just lazy and busy.

So, now, I can still post something.


views.py 视图:把变量传给网页模板

urls.py 路由:指定url地址对应的view

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  1. 把数据导入HDFS
  2. 定义map方式,也就是把key设置成行数,把value设置为每行内容
  3. 定义reduce:通过正则方式进行匹配,正确的内容通过reduce聚合起来返回


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Oh my god. I'm so busy recently. It's stressful for me to prepare for the GRE test. And I'm going to apply for graduate schools. And I also wanna find an internship before I graduate.

But my personal server met some problems several months ago. After I bought a new server in Ali cloud, I have to configure a new certification for the https. But some weird problems always stop me.

Now I have gotten several reasons to finish these tasks:

  1. Xiao Nf is waiting for my new website.
  2. I wanna build a personal research page on my website for showing for professors.
  3. I need this place to write.
  4. My new website is really beautiful and I miss it.

Come on.

搞一下github.io网站 先用它

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Well, my last post met some problem that the picture of my beautiful console can not be seen.

I find the Typora can automatically upload every pic now. It gives a custom command for me to config.

My personal server now gets some problems in configuring the https road. So I'll note the method here. After I solve the problem of the server, I'll configure a .sh file to automatically upload the pics in the markdown file, and then my website will successfully show them.

I really really hope in the future I won't forget these things.

Upload pics automatically via Typora


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