Live demo of CodeTyping via Pythonanywhere


Code Typing Practice (or source code on Github: here) is a tiny web page that I wrote for fun last semester, which is for me myself to practice code typing. It is a naive Django web app (with bugs🤪). BUT! I find a service to deploy it lively today. That's what is worth noting down now.


Initially I tried to deploy this demo on But it was too troublesome coz it does not support Django by default. Thankfully, I found pythonanywhere, on which each user can deploy one web app without payment. What's the best is that it is really easy to deploy: it provides access to Bash console.

Two things to be noted:

  1. Every 3 months, I have to login into the pythonanywhere to extend my web app, otherwise it will be killed.
  2. The bug cost most of my time is that in the I had used relative path to the static code files. However, I should use absolute path, with adding BASE_DIR = os.path.dirname(os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))) ahead.


Actually, after learned the MERN frame this semester, I am now aware of how naive this project is. However, I love Python, so it doesn't matter if i still regard Django as a hobby🤨. Who knows... I haven't even spent my time on that course project...

Now that the live demo is achieved, I might think of polishing this little project a bit.

  • [ ] Fix bugs. Though i've already forgotten what those bugs are...
  • [ ] Replace the stupid code snippets...
  • [ ] Add the feature to compute time cost and typing speed. Also, save typing records.
  • [ ] Explicitly support other kinds of typing materials, and also support uploading customize materials.