Follow This TOEFL Plan or Die

I have to make this precise and essential TOEFL Review Plan because:

  1. The god damn Xiaozhan organization predicts that I will fail if I learn this all by myself. But I don’t give a shit.
  2. The TOEFL entry fee is fucking expensive. And I’ve just missed one. I want this terrible experience to give me a lesson.
  3. I am too old to waste time!!!

And my plan is:

Everyday tasktimeEspecial for weekendstime
100 Words in Bubei Danciwhile playing phonetake 1 simulation exam & reviewwhole morning in the library
1 whole speaking part & reviewearly in the morning
1 whole reading part & reviewspare time
1 listening with dictation & readingspare time
1 writing class with homeworkspare time

This plan is effective for the next week since I have to measure the time cost to determine if it’s enough.