Modify Clustrmaps Widget for Hexo


The Clustrmaps widget can show the visitors' map of my website. It is nice, but its 3D global version is buggy when put on the Hexo website. So I put its .js file locally, and modified several parts in it, to make it displayed normally on Hexo websites.

Maybe one day the .js file will be updated by Clustrmaps, and I'll need to revise it again. So I record what I did here.

  1. Download the js file, put it here:/themes/next-new-version/source/js/clustrmaps.js, then the script label in the sidebar.swig is change as: <script type="text/javascript" id="clstr_globe" src="/js/clustrmaps.js?d=gWCOZyJlHF_Sc1eqXROD53yLLxxfC2y7Ytvw9JUfmFg"></script>. This way, I can modify codes in the .js file, or it would cause the following bugs.

  2. The variable's name velocity is duplicated with that of Hexo😂😂. So I replaced all with velocityD in the .js file.

  3. When the .js script is executed, the Hexo hasn't rendered the page yet, so the container of this widget still has width of 0. However, in the script, it fetches parent's width and sets it at that time! So it will disappear since its width is 0😅. To fix that, I changed the 302 line as:

    pw = $("#clstr_globe").parent().parent().parent().width();

    The parent of parent of parent of the script label has normal width... This is funny but useful...