Check My Evangelion Theme for Typora!!

Heeeeyyyyy!!! I customized a theme called Evangelion for Typora Markdown Editor, and it was accepted! Do check it on the Typora - Theme official page:

The first one is mine
The first one is mine
Offical page
Offical page

And the theme's homepage is here:

Get downloads:

(People just download, but don't give me a star T^T)


An eye-friendly dark theme for Typora Markdown Editor, based on the color scheme of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Image of Evangelion found from Google
Image of Evangelion found from Google


  • Supports English and 中文.
  • Eye-friendly dark mode.
  • Code color scheme imported from material-ocean.
  • I love Evangelion Unit-01!




  • Download the Eva.css file: see releases.
  • Copy and paste the file in to the Typora Theme Folder:
    • Preferences… > Appearence > Open Theme Folder.
  • Restart Typora, then select Theme > Eva to apply.


  • 下载Eva.css文件: releases
  • 将该文件粘贴到Typora主题文件夹中:
    • 偏好设置 > 外观 > 打开主题文件夹
  • 重启Typora,然后选择主题 > Eva,主题即可生效。


I take the color palette of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

And this theme code is inspired by both bear-dracula and mint-dark. I love these 2 themes, too!

Designed and tested on macOS. Not fully tested, but should work for Windows/Linux.